Facility & Safety

Lenape Kiddie Kollege is an early childhood education facility located in the beautiful Medford, New Jersey countryside. Situated in a quiet residential area, our facility features a one-acre fenced playground and self-contained classrooms equipped with their own entrances and restrooms. Our classrooms display our student's artwork and are fully stocked with developmentally appropriate materials.

Committed to Your Little One's Safety

As a state licensed school, Lenape Kiddie Kollege adheres strictly to all New Jersey safety regulations. With strict sign-in and sign-out procedures, constantly locked doors, and monthly fire drill practices, we take every step to ensure your child's wellbeing.

Thanks to our non-daycare status and firm illness policies, our facility sees less illness in students. Our team works closely with parents regarding food allergies, and are trained in CPR and first aid. Vision and speech screenings are available on-site every year.

Our Philosophy

At Lenape Kiddie Kollege, we believe that your child's development is directly affected by his or her self-image. A positive self-image encourages healthy development; therefore, we use every opportunity to foster growth in this area.

Our educational specialists understand that children learn best through play and provide all materials necessary to help them develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally at their own rate. Your child receives as much independence as his or her developmental stage allows in order to create a sense of personal accomplishment.

Students flourish in an atmosphere that is safe, play-based, and hands-on. Your child learns through play that teaches all skills necessary to enter kindergarten successfully. All of our methods are based on extensively conducted early childhood research, which reiterates our strong belief that "play is the work of the child."
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